Burkina Faso Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment ensures the implementation and monitoring of government policy and environmental sanitation of the living and is responsible for:

  • Environmental
    • of environmental protection and monitoring of international conventions on the environment ratified by the country
    • the development and monitoring of environmental education programs
    • of coordination in the fight against desertification and other causes of environmental degradation
  • On forests and wildlife
    • the formation, classification, conservation, development and management of national forest estate
    • the formation, classification, conservation and reserve management in national parks, wildlife reserves and similar reservations in relation to the Ministry responsible for tourism
    • maximizing the potential of wildlife
    • the regulation of forest resources, wildlife, fisheries and monitoring its implementation
    • protection of waters in relation to relevant ministries and local authorities
  • Sanitation of the living
  • initiation, coordination, regulation and monitoring of activities related to environmental remediation and improvement of living conditions in both rural and urban areas
  • of developing a national policy of development of green spaces and beautification
  • the preparation of regulations in the fight against pollution and nuisances
  • support local communities in terms of public health
  • developing and monitoring standards
  • recycling and solid waste treatment