Government of the Delta State of Nigeria

From the Delta State Government web site

Delta State was created on the 27th of August, 1991 from the defunct Bendel State. Bendel State was formerly known as the Midwestern Region at the time it gained regional status in August, 1963, from the then western region. At the inception of Delta State it was made up of twelve political divisions called Local Government Areas (L.G.A), which was later increased to 19 in 1996. Presently the State is made up of 25 Local Government Areas

There are Schools, Hospitals, and standard Hotels as well as Communication facilities in the state which is the gateway to the East for travelers from the Western part of the Country. The 1991 provisional census result put the population of the State at 2,590,491 (1,271,932 Male and 1,318,559 Female).

The State's Population is projected to be 3,629,103 in 2003. The major tribes in the State are the Urhobos, Izons, Isokos, Ibos and Itsekiris. Basically, they have identical customs, beliefs and cultures. The cultural identity is manifested in their festivals, traditional marriage ceremonies, while certain words are common to many tribes. Their systems of Traditional Administration tend to be identical as well as their folktales, dances, arts and crafts. Farming, Fishing and Hunting are the major occupations of the inhabitants of Delta State, as about 80% of the active labour force are engaged in these occupational activities with the remaining 20% engaged in other occupations.

Since 27 August 1991 that the State came into existence when the old Bendel State was split into Edo State and Delta State, Delta Sate has host a roll of nine (9) administrators and Governors.

At twenty, to mention but a few, Delta State has one State owned University with three campuses at Abraka, Oleh and Asaba; Three Polytechnics at Oghara, Ogwashi-Uku and Ozoro; And Three Colleges of Education at Agbor, Warri and Mosogar. There is also one Federal College of Education Technical at Asaba. Delta State has about 357Post Primary Schools (Secondary Schools) and about 1103 Primary Schools as at 2003 .It has good drainage systems and network of roads.

The 'Finger of God' has some of the leading Hospitality centers in the country. Facilities for leisure, super accommodation and conferences abound in the State.

The new International Airport at Asaba (which is fast drawing more investors to the state) and one Domestic Airport at Osubi near Warri. Delta State has the deepest River in Africa, the Ethiope River (100ft in depth) with pure fresh water.

Delta State is a leading producer of Crude oil and Natural gas in Nigeria, and ranks second to Rivers State. The State supplies about 35% of Nigeria's crude oil and some considerable amount of natural gas. The nation's second largest refinery as well as petrochemical plant are located in the state at Warri.