Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology performs administrative and other professional activities that refer to the following:
- integrated spatial planning and physical organisation of space;
- design and application of the spatial plan of the Republic;
- review, administrative supervision and providing approval for spatial plans of cities, municipalities, and special purposes areas as well as for urban planning;
- review of spatial-planning documents, development programmes and investment-technical documents of special interest for the Republic;
The Ministry attends to the following:
Urban planning and building;
Organisation of building land, production of building materials, development and services in the domain of building;
Housing building and its funding;
Housing cooperative is also under the Ministry’s authority. The Ministry stipulates and arranges housing relations and acquiring ownership over residential buildings and flats in public ownership, maintenance and management over buildings and flats and utility services. The Ministry manages integrated protection of environmental quality and its enhancement through research, management and safeguards planning; protection of public interest assets, natural resources, natural and cultural heritage.