Network of Regions for Sustainable Development (NRG4SD)

From the NRG4SD web site:


The objectives of the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development nrg4SD are:

  • To promote sustainable development at the level of subnational governments around the Globe.
  • To act as the voice and representative of subnational governments at global level in the field of sustainable development. nrg4SD is the only international network on sustainable development matters with worldwide presence and representing solely subnational governments.
  • To seek a wider recognition at international level of the importance of the commitment of subnational governments towards sustainable development.
  • To contribute to the elaboration and implementation of responsible and ambitious territorial policies, tools and resources, which are adapted to the subnational level.
  • To encourage expertise exchange, partnerships and projects among our members, as well as between them and other major international stakeholders.