Board Meeting Reports

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UNDP CIRDA III Board Meeting- 2016 Milestones

2016 Milestones and targets of the UNDP CIRDA Programme

UNDP CIRDA III Board Meeting- Presentation

Presentation Provided in 2017 UNDP CIRDA Board Meeting

UNDP CIRDA III Board Meeting- Minutes

Minutes for the 2017 UNDP CIRDA Board Meeting

CIRDA II Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the II CIRDA Programme Board Meeting.

CIRDA II Board Meeting Presentation

Presentations made to the CIRDA Project Board o

- 2015 Annual Work Plan

- 2015 CIRDA Budget

I CIRDA Board Meeting- Presentation

The board presentation was presented by CIRDA Programme Manager, Bonizella Biagini, as a basis for the I CIRDA Project Board meeting discussion. It includes an overview of the 2014 annual workplan and budget

I CIRDA Board Meeting- Minutes

The minutes are a brief summary of the events and agreements that transpired during the CIRDA Project Board Meeting.

NAP-GSP - COP19 Informal Coordination Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the NAP-GSP coordination meeting - attended by programme partners at COP19 on 15 November 2013.

NAP-GSP Board Meeting minutes

NAP-GSP Board Meeting minutes

16-17 August, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Minutes of the first Board Meeting for the National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) LDCF project 'Assisting Least Developed Countries (LDCs) with country-driven processes to advance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)’

Minutes of IRAS Project's 1st Board Meeting (July 2012)

Minutes from the IRAS Project Board Meeting at the Lao Plaza Hotel on 10 July 2012.