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CIRDA Achievements 2016

An overview of the achievements of the CIRDA programme in 2017.


  • CIRDA’s annual work plan envisioned a target of USD 896,320 for 2016

  • The budget contemplated a large scale regional training in Zambia which was organized in parallel with a hackathon event aimed at developing innovative last mile services; in country support missions to the majority of our partner countries (in some cases more than once) ; the conclusion of a multi country market study that analyzed the potential for developing weather and climate services our partner countries; a publication that was successfully launched in Marrakech during the COP22 Meeting; the development of an LTA for hydrology technologies and services; a hands on digitization support mission to provide support to the Gambia, Malawi and Zambia; an extensive training on data assimilation in Tanzania, and increased engagement with partner countries and donors through the Programme’s communication strategy, donor outreach through participation in UNFCCC’s major events (SBI Meeting, NAP Expo, COP23) and the development of an EWS communication toolkit.

  • Country support missions for 2016 have been focused on supporting partner countries conclude the procurement and installation of EWS technologies and services. Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkina Faso and the Gambia have concluded successful.

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  • Reports and Publications of relevance to Country Teams