Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Ly Hon

Mr. Ly Hon, part of Cambodia’s Department of Meteorology Systems Support team, is responsible for operation and maintenance of the departments various systems. His role supports forecasters to access the right information to provide the country’s weather updates. The Systems Support team at the department play a vital, but often unrecognised role, in providing the country’s weather forecasts. In the field, they often clear grass and fix stations by hand under Cambodia’s scorching sun. Back in the office, they are just as essential. As Mr. Hon states, “My job is very important in the Department of Meteorology. There is a lot of data that comes from the satellites, the radar, the Automatic Weather Stations and we need a place to bring all that data together to display to the forecasters. Without IT, we can’t get the data from the other side of the world or from on the ground. Without us, the forecasters can’t get accurate data.”