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Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Ms. Navin & Ms. Nary

Ms. Chea Navin and Ms. Lay Nary, researchers from the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh, are pursuing a future in which climate information is accessible to those within Cambodia and further abroad. Both women feel a strong responsibility for building awareness of climate challenges in their country. “It is really important to address climate change now - if we don’t build the capacity of the young generation, they cannot effectively deliver the information to farmers. If we don’t take action, the farmers will lose hope and agricultural production will decrease. The resources and people [with knowledge] in Cambodia are limited and the needs of the farmers are huge", says Ms. Navin. Ms. Navin says sharing knowledge with and among communities is critical not only for spreading best practice in sustainable land management, but also to enhance farmer’s economic capacity. “I’m proud of my farmers. Once we help them, their knowledge and production increase a lot."