Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Ms. Tep Phollarath

Ms. Tep Phollarath is Cambodia’s longest standing meteorologist. With over 30 years’ experience, she has created the way for data management, information sharing and new generations of meteorologists. Raised in Phnom Penh, Ms. Phollarath began her career in meteorology as part of a family tradition. “I started with the Department of Meteorology in 1985 after I watched my father. He was the Deputy Director of the department.” Shortly after commencing, Ms. Phollarath moved to Russia for five years to hone her expertise before returning to Phnom Penh where she has worked ever since. Ms. Phollarath has been a key part of UNDP’s engagement with the Kingdom of Cambodia’s Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MoWRAM), with involvement across many projects including RIMES FARM school, forecast training, and the 7th Monsoon Forum of Cambodia. Within these events and many more, she can often be found facilitating workshops and groups, sharing her extensive knowledge, and mentoring community members, colleagues and Cambodia’s future meteorologists.