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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

This document outlines the expected environmental and social impacts of this project.

The project will ensure social equity and equality. The project will provide the community with improved information to allow them to make decisions prior to, during and post climate change events. It will also provide valuable data that will allow for future planning, in terms of structural planning of houses etc as well as how communities need to adapt their current activities to meet the increasing threat of climate change. With this information, it is highly likely that lives will be saved and it will improve two-way communication mechanisms and inclusion of resilience building projects in the socio-economic planning process. The project will also provide safe housing for 20,000 people, particularly in high risk, low income households. The design of these houses is also critically important as they provide a mezzanine where households can place their assets during storm events where they will remain dry and will not be lost as has been the case in previous events. More importantly, individuals can stay above the storm surge on the mezzanines during events, and therefore this will save lives. Further, the project will increase community resilience by providing structural engineering standards for new homes, therefore enhancing the lives of vulnerable groups including those with disabilities, minority groups, youth and the elderly. The project will also provide increased employment through mangrove propagation, planting and maintenance as well as in the construction industry building homes.