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Participant List. Launch Workshop CIRDA

List of registered attendents at the CIRDA Launch Workshop

Presentation 14. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Innovative Approaches in Communicating Climate information.” Julie Arrighi, Red Cross.

Presentation 13. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Investment approaches to Climate Services.” Patrick Karani, Director, BEA- International

Presentation 12. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Overview of Private Sector Engagement in Climate Information in Developing Countries.” Alan Miller, Consultant on Climate Risk and Finance.

Presentation 11. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Food Security and Early Warning Systems.” Getachew Abate, Assistant National Technical Manager for FEWSNET/Ethiopia.

Presentation 10. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Regional Drought Information Systems.” Kouamé Guy-Marcel Bouafou, General Director, AGRHYMET.

Presentation 9. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Sectoral Applications of Climate Information Through Regional Services.” Christopher Oludhe, Meteorologist, ICPAC.

Presentation 8. Workshop Launch CIRDA

“Guinea Met Case Study.” Mamadou Lamine Bah, President of World Meteorological Organization Regional Association I – Africa and National Director, Direction Nationale de la Meteorologie- Guinea.

Presentation 7. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Overview and Presentation of New Low Cost Technologies for Monitoring and Forecasting.” John T Snow, Regents’ Professor of Meteorology; Dean Emeritus, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences.

Presentation 6. Launch Workshop CIRDA

“Overview of the NAP Global Support Program.” Ermira Fida, Head – Climate Change, UNEP-GEF.