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Lessons learned and successful approaches captured from Portfolio Monitoring Missions

In an effort to support implementation of projects on the ground, the Adaptation Fund has published a new publication with information and knowledge gathered from its Portfolio Monitoring Missions (PMMs).
The PMMs were first introduced by the Fund in 2012 as learning missions to collect, organize and analyze project data and knowledge from project sites. Key lessons from the missions have provided valuable information that supports projects and the Fund’s Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy, which was approved by the Adaptation Fund Board in October 2016.
This new publication captures lessons learned and best practices from the Fund’s first 13 PMMs in Argentina, Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Honduras, Jamaica, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Senegal, Turkmenistan and Uruguay. The publication provides key findings and practical guidance for implementing entities to enhance project effectiveness grouped under eight different themes, including stakeholder engagement and community ownership, gender responsive interventions, innovation and others.