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FARM Field School Training of Trainers’ Manual (August 2019)

Designed as a season-long series of interfacing among forecasters, extension workers, and farmers, the FARM School is a multi-tier learning-by-doing capacity building program customized for farmers in specific areas. In general, the FARM School process aims to enhance farmers’ understanding and use of multi- timescale forecasts in farm-level planning and decision-making, thereby increase agricultural production, optimize use of limited resources, and maximize economic benefits. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Manual for the Community Climate Change Adaptation Fund

A best practice from the project included the development of an M&E Manual to evaluate community project impacts. This manual presents a manual on how to evaluate similar future projects and generate capacities at a community level for monitoring impact on resilience. 

Public Service 2030 – Making the Sustainable Development Goals Happen!

This book contains 17 stories of PublicService Excellence from around the globe.

Interagency Standard Operating Procedures for Early Action to El Niño/La Niña Episodes

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are intended to help catalyse and guide earlier humanitarian and development action to future ENSO-related extreme weather events (including drought, flooding, cyclones and extreme heat/cold and related events such as disease outbreaks).