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'Maiana Island celebrates World Food Day and hosts LDCF1 project closure workshop' November 2022

17 November 2022 – A team comprised of staff from the departments of Agriculture and Livestock (ALD) and Environment and Conservation (ECD) from the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Agriculture Development (MELAD), Coastal Fisheries (CFD) from Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD),  Local Government Division from Ministry of Internal Affairs with the company of Office of Attorney General (OAGs), Kiribati Meteorological Services (KMS) from Office of Te Beretetitenti, the Internal Trade and Business along with Tourism (TAK) from the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives (MTCIC), visited Maiana Island to celebrate World Food Day and conduct a project closure workshop with island Councillors and Elders. The project implementors from various sectors highlighted their success and achievements and also issues and challenges with their lessons learned over the six-year duration of the project, as well as discussed the sustainability plan, for islanders to continue the project's good initiatives.