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Global Fund for Coral Reefs Investment Window

Coral reefs are among the world’s most threatened ecosystems by climate change impacts.  And drivers such as overfishing, agricultural run-off, sewage discharge and unsustainable tourism degrade the coral reefs, further decreasing their chance of survival.  Studies have shown that local management of such threats can alleviate the impacts of climate change on the coral reefs.  Thus, supporting and providing capital to businesses and companies for the sustainable use of ocean resources can considerably improve the resilience of reefs and the communities that depend on them.

Concept note for the 6th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum, Manila, Philippines

Building on the foundation of previous Forums, the 6th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum will bring a sharper focus on learning from action towards climate resilience development.

Factsheet for the project 'Improving resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change in Viet Nam'

An introduction to the five year GCF-supported project 'Improving resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change in Viet Nam' (2017-2022), including its objectives, expected outputs and beneficiaries.

NAPs Agriculture Programme Brief

This document provides a overview of the 'Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans' programme, which brings a focus on adaptaing agricultural sectors of Least Developed and Developing Countries to the challenges caused by climate change.

Concept Note - October 2012

This programme is supported by UNDP's Energy and Environment Group in collaboration with USAID's ADAPT ASIA-PACIFIC Programme.