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Progress Report - TACC Uruguay, October 2011

This document is the progress report from October 2011 for the Territorial Approach to Climate Change in the Metropolitan Region of Uruguay

Abstract: UNDP provides support to the three departments of the Metropolitan Region of Uruguay and several national institutions in developing its first Integrated Territorial Climate Plan. The Region comprises the departments of Montevideo (capital city), Canelones and San José, where almost two thirds of the national population live. The Territorial Approach to Climate Change pilot project aims to support capacity building of national and regional authorities and other key stakeholders in order to integrate climate change into territorial planning and programming, thereby developing a sub-national level Low Emissions Climate Change Resilience Development Strategy (LECRDS). The purpose of the project is also to identify risks and opportunities related to climate change, collectively building appropriate responses and accessing different sources of financing for climate change.


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  • Quarterly Updates