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Addressing climate change and health in the Europe and Central Asia region: a joint value proposition and service offering

This Joint Value Proposition by UNDP and WHO on addressing climate change and health in the Europe and Central Asia region provides an overview of key thematic and programmatic entry points toward strengthening national health adaptation and mitigation capacities. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human health worldwide, and the risks toward good health continue to grow. It threatens the essentials including clean air, safe-drinking water, nutritious food supply and safe shelter. The health sector has a double role to play. On the one hand, it needs to adapt and become resilient to climate change. On the other hand, it needs to reduce green-house gas emissions from its operations, contributing to mitigation efforts.
This strategic document highlights that for UNDP and WHO, adaptation and mitigation to climate changes means advancing more resilient, sustainable development outcomes that take into consideration ongoing and future climate-related impacts, including those related to health. It identifies the main gaps and barriers towards transforming the health sector in the Europe and Central Asia region to be more climate-resilient and low carbon. Finally, it takes into consideration the current COVID-19 pandemic and how this impacts on efforts of countries in the region.

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