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Gender Learning Report | September 2020

This learning report was developed at the conclusion of the UNDP-supported ‘Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Cambodia to Support Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate Change’ project, financed by the GEF-Least Developed Countries Fund.

The report is hoped to serve a dual purpose. The first of these is a discussion of gender within the project. In accordance with UNDP guidelines, the project was given a GEN2 marker. This marker suggests that the outputs of the project are either ‘gender sensitive’, or ‘gender responsive’. To be a ‘gender sensitive’ output, an outcome needs to have ‘recognition of, and intension to reduce symptoms of gendered differences and gender disparity and promote equality in opportunity’. To be a ‘gender responsive’ project, it must ‘attempt to overcome historical gender bias’. As a result, it was hoped that this report enables a reflection on areas where, consistent with UNDP gender markers, the project was able to (or otherwise) address gender issues.

The second purpose of the report is to facilitate a look forward as to what lessons can be learned from this project, and questions that need to be asked to allow these lessons to be implemented in future projects both locally and perhaps globally.