Community Risk Assessment: Facilitators' Guidebook


CRA (Community Risk Assessment) is a participatory process for assessing hazards, vulnerabilities, risks, ability to cope, preparing coping strategies and finally preparing a risk reduction options implementation plan by the local community. CRA uses scientific information and predictions and participatory discourses to identify, analyse and evaluate risk environment of a particular community, reach consensus amongst the community on actions that are needed to manage the risk environment. The method recognizes that the vulnerability, loss, reduction or mitigation strategy and coping mechanism vary from community to community and group to group (women, person with disability, landless, farmers‐fisher folks, etc) of a same community. So it ensures representation of professional, community and other groups and that their points of views are reflected.

This CRA user manual was developed with the financial and technical assistance of CDMP Programme of Ministry of Food and Disaster Management funded by DFID and UNDP.