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Clean water-GCF

“My name is Arumugam Deivanai. I was born in Matale and lived in Kekirawa for 22 years. I moved to Kilinochchi in 1977.

Living here was a struggle because we didn’t have access to clean water. There weren’t many wells either.

We could only get water from a well in the Kovil. We only had that to bathe and drink.

We suffered a lot. There wasn’t enough clean water in these areas and we couldn’t afford to pay for water.

For over ten years, I have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Having to travel long distances to get water was difficult for me because I had to carry the water on my head.

My daughter and I faced many struggles.

Yet during this difficult time we were provided with water tanks. We have clean water now because of these tanks.

I can only pray to God to bless those who helped us with such a great deed.”

Implemented with technical support from the United Nations Development Programme and funding from the Green Climate Fund, the ‘Climate Resilient Integrated Water Management Project’ is improving Dry Zone communities’ access to clean drinking water by enhancing community-managed drinking water infrastructure.