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Improving irrigation systems

In the past, tanks in the Dry Zone had tree girdles for protecting water reserves. Today, many of these are tanks are lacking this protection.

Native trees are now being planted along the tanks to revive the cascade system.

“My name is Nirmala Ranasinghe, I am from Vavuniya. I live with my husband and two kids who are now at school.

When the cascaded tank village system was rehabilitated, we were able to improve our livelihoods significantly.

UNDP provided us with technical support for tree planting at their workshops. We were able to learn a lot about planting and cultivation through this.

Most of us rely on paddy cultivation in our village. Because of the technical support provided, we are now able to adapt to the effects of climate change and improve our lives.

“We have seen a new awakening among the farmers in this village.

The tanks were heavily damaged before. After they were renovated, we have been able to reap the benefits of cultivation.

Before, we could only cultivate during the wet season, but now even during the dry season there’s enough water for cultivation.”

With funding from the Green Climate Fund and technical support from the UN Development Programme, the Government of Sri Lanka is improving irrigation systems to strengthen livelihoods of families and smallholder farmers in the Dry Zone.

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