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TARWI: The Seeds of the Future (Spanish)

TARWI: The Seeds of the Future
A Participatory Video from a UNDP-GEF CBA project in Bolivia

October 2010

The video features four communities from the Municipality of Carabuco in La Paz, Bolivia:  Huajasiya, Cavinchilla, Tilacoca and Cojatapampa in sharing their climate change-driven problems and how the recovery of a local seed, Tarwi, has helped them fight food insecurity and loss of agricultural-based income. With the support from UNDP-GEF CBA and its partners on the ground, including Cuna Association (NGO), UNDP country office, GEF Small Grants Programme and UN Volunteers, the communities' knowledge and adaptive capacity has increased on soil management, rational and efficient use of natural resources, and on the recovery, appreciation, and beneficial use of the local seed as an important source to reach food security and increase the household income.