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Te Lafiga o Tuvalu - Tuvalu's Long Term Adaptation Plan | November 2022

As a small, low-lying atoll nation, Tuvalu faces extraordinary challenges due to sea level rise. By 2050, it is estimated that half the land area of the capital will become flooded by tidal waters. By 2100, 95% of land will be flooded by routine high tides. Climate change also poses extreme risk to drinking water, food security, and energy supply. 
Based on the best available science today, Tuvalu's new Long-Term Adaptation Plan (L-TAP), 'Te Lafiga o Tuvalu' (Tuvalu’s Refuge), presents a new approach to adaptation, designed to provide comprehensive solutions beyond 2100. The vision: 3.6 square kilometres of raised, safe land with staged relocation of people and infrastructure over time; a sustainable water supply; greater food and energy security; and space for expanding civic and commercial areas, including government offices, schools, and hospitals. 
The L-TAP concept has been developed by the Government of Tuvalu with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).