Tiwizi - Community Unites for Adaptation to Climate Change


TIWIZI (which means "together", "solidarity" in the local tamazigh language) is a participatory documentary produced by the community of Iguiouaz (MOROCCO) to share their contribution to adaptation to climate change. 
Inclusive participation and solidarity are major tools that vulnerable communities have to face climate change, but they need strong support to sustainably adapt.
TIWIZI was produced in March 2010 in the Oasis of Iguiouaz (MOROCCO), with the support of:
-Association TIFLIT- Iguiouaz
-AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund
-The Community-Based Adaptation Programme (United Nations Development Programme / Global Environment Facility / GEF Small Grants Programme / United Nations Volunteers)
-The Program on the Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Southern Moroccan Oases (Agency for the Promotion and for the Social and Economic Development of the Southern Provinces of Morocco / UNDP Morocco)
-Association Afrique in Visu