Valley Selection Criteria Under GLOF-II Project

The project ‘Scaling-up of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods Risk Reduction in Northern Pakistan' (GLOF-II) aims to empower communities to identify and manage risks associated with GLOFs and related impacts of climate change.
Keeping in view the vast area covered by Northern Pakistan, executing interventions in all valleys under the umbrella of one project is beyond the scope of such developmental projects. Therefore, 24 most vulnerable valleys in Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakthunkhwa were selected based on scientific criterion developed by the Pakistan Meteorological Department and UNDP’s technical team as follows:
1. Size of the Lake, (Weight 8%)
2. Adjoining Area slopes (Weight 12%)
3. Distance from Glacier (Weight 13%)
4. Glacier Situation (Hanging, Crevasses) (Weight 9%)
5. Steepness of the Lake (Weight 11%)
6. Location of the Lake, Supra, Side Moraine, End Moraine, Englacial, Erosion (Weight 13%)
7. Stability of Lake (Damming Material and width of damming wall at outflow) (Weight 12%)
8. Distance to Settlement (Weight 12%)
9. Settlement Area Size (Weight 10%)