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CIRDA Programme Completion Report

Programme Comppletion Report

UNDP CIRDA Terminal Evaluation Report

Terminal Evaluation (TE) is an integral component of the UNDP-supported GEF-financed project cycle management.

National Adaptation Plans Report: Lessons from Liberia 2019

Over the last two years, Liberia's Environmental Protection Agency, with the assistance of UNDP through the GCF funded National Adaptation Plan (NAP) project has been supporting the Government of Liberia to advance its medium-to long-term plans for integrating adaptation planning across critical sectors. Building on the momentum of the previous year, significant gains were also made in 2019. This report highlights the achievements of Liberia's National Adaptation Plan process in 2019, outlining it's strategy for resilience, new knowledge sharing platform and diaster database, graduate school on environmal studies and climate change, and so much more. 


Report, 'Vulnerability Mapping Development', Cambodia (April 2018)

Technical report on Vulnerability Mapping Development (GIS consultancy), submitted to the Project Management Department of Climate Change of the General Secretariat of the National Council for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Environment, Cambodia, under the project 'Reducing the Vulnerability of Cambodian Rural Livelihoods through Enhanced sub-national Climate Change Planning and Execution of Priority Actions'.

ICCAS Project - Forestry

ICCAS Project - Forestry: 
Reforestation Activities in ICCAS

ICCAS Project - Marine Resources

ICCAS Project - Enhancing Food Security and Improving Livelihoods: Marine Resources