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Engaging The Green Climate Fund

Launched in 2015, the UN Environment/UN Development Programme (UNDP)/World Resources Institute (WRI) Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme builds the capacities of nine countries to access GCF by developing the processes, project proposals, tools and policies necessary for strategic climate interventions that combat climate change and build climate resilience.

'Nonouti Island creel survey' November 2017

Report on Nonouti Island creel survey, by Research and Monitoring Unit of the Coastal Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development - November 2017

'Marine survey and ciguatera monitoring for Nonouti Island, November to December 2017'

Report on the completion of a marine survey, and site survey for potential recreational activities and ciguatera monitoring.



'Maiana Island survey and other activities - October to November 2017

Report on the following activities: socio-economic study to inquire about the dependency of fish/invertebrates for cash and subsistence living; meeting with Council for courtesy call and resource planning; establishment of a check-point whereto review and update of data collected and other issues are addressed. Includes activity progress, results, and challenges.



'Fisherman FAD training, Abemama Island' February to March 2018

The main objective of this training is to trained fisherman new fishing methods, safe navigation, fish handling and preservation and how to make their own fishing gears by themselves. Report includes results, issues faced, and recommendations.


'Nonouti Island activities, November to December 2017'

Includes training for newly-recruited Fisheries Assistant and Fisheries Extension Assistant in community-based approaches to fisheries management; courtesy call with Mayor; full council meeting, training and community consultations. Report includes findings and recommendations.

'Survey, training and sampling, Abemama Island, February to March 2018'

Report on creel surveys; training of Fisheries Extension Assistant (FEA); and biological sampling of bonefish. Includes results and evaluation.


'Socioeconomic survey on fishery-related interventions and rural developments for improved productivity and livelihoods' June 2017

The two week (08/0617 – 22/06/17) socioeconomic survey implemented briefly highlights fishery- related interventions which are complemented by rural developments for later improvements in fisheries productivity and in living standards of the people of Nonouti to strengthen relevant Government policies.

Quarterly reporting for project 'Kiribati: Enhancing National Food Security in the Context of Climate Change' (GEF-LDCF) - October to December, 2017

Quarterly report dated October to December 2018. Includes updates on activities: creel survey for Nonouti and South Tarawa, and Nonouti Island trip; results and challenges.

'Consultations and workshop, Abemama Island, February to March 2018'

Report on consultations and workshop, Abemama Island, February to March 2018. Report includes objectives, activities, results, and participant feedback.