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Empowering the Poor: Experience from UNDP supported Initiatives on Adaptation

The publication, Empowering the Poor: Experience from UNDP supported Initiatives on Adaptation, showcases the experiences and knowledge generated through the various initiatives that UNDP supports across the globe. It indicates that adaptation and poverty reduction are inherently linked and must be addressed simultaneously.

(2015) Safe Havens. PAs for DRR and CC Adaptation

La publicación, "Refugios seguros" de la UICN, presenta 18 casos de estudios que demuestran cómo las Áreas Naturales Protegidas pueden ser gestionadas para la reducción del riesgo de desastre y la adaptación al cambio climático. El capítulo 11 (página 95), presenta el caso de las medidas robustas del proyecto EbA Montaña en la Reserva Paisajística Nor Yauyos Cochas. 

Inception Workshop Report - Samoa AF Feb 2013

Enhancing resilience of Coastal Communities of Samoa to Climate Change

Inception Workshop Report

Prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, February 2013


This report identifies and documents mutual agreements reached on institutional arrangements amongst stakeholders and project approach, goals and objectives as well as project activities, as discussed in preparation for and at the Inception Workshop.

UNDP support to LDCs to Access Finance for Adaptation Basic Facts and Figures - November 2013

The attached document details UNDP support to LDCs to Access Finance for Adaptation: Basic Facts and Figures as updated November 2013.

The document details the number of LDCs accessing GEF-LDCF and GEF-SCCF fundswith UNDP support and also highlights the number of LDCs accessing Adaptation Fund with UNDP support.

The document also details "Other Relevant Support Provided to LDCs: Strengthening Capacities of Finance and Planning Ministries"