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National Adaptation Plans in Liberia - 2019 Annual Update

Reaching Resilience: Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Cambodia

In rural Cambodia, extreme weather events driven by climate change have taken lives and damaged livelihoods. Frequent floods and droughts threaten to tip subsistence farmers back into poverty. 

Climate Change Heroes of Cambodia: Sem Bunly

With the onset of climate change, Cambodians are seeing changes in their environment. Temperatures are rising; the arrival of the monsoon is becoming less predictable; floods and droughts are increasing in frequency and severity. The impact on already-vulnerable rural households can be ruinous, destroying or reducing the yield of crops and household income, tipping some into unmanageable debt and poverty.

The new generations: Uruguay

The video shares the view of rural youth on climate change and adaptation to it, and the role of knowledge and training activities in building a proactive attitude on the subject.

The rural women’s view

The video shows the perspective of Uruguayan rural women on adaptation to climate change and climate change in general, as well as their participation in the construction process of the National Adaptation Plan to Climate Variability and Climate Change for Agriculture (NAP-Ag) in Uruguay.