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#Costa Rica: Protect the environment and prevent natural disasters

In Costa Rica, more than 10,500 volunteers work tirelessly to bring drinking water to their communities. Through their time and dedication they are examples of how we can all protect and conserve water sources for a better tomorrow.

#Costa Rica: Water that gives life to equality

In San Vicente de Nicoya, a group of organized women bring drinking water where it was not accessible before. Kilometers that will now be walked without weight on their heads and water that they can drink with confidence. María is one of the people that was supplied by artisanal wells. Today she says that everything is different, that she now feels “happy”.

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone of Vanuatu: Torres Islands (2016)

Coming to grips with water: How Bhutan is overcoming challenges magnified by climate change

The land-locked country of Bhutan is exposed to a wide range of climate change-induced threats, including glacial lake outburst floods - known as ‘GLOFs’ - flash floods and landslides, windstorms, forest fires, and seasonal water shortages (affecting not only people’s consumption but also the viability of livestock and agriculture).

Exploring Weather Index Based Insurance in the Philippines

As a result of increasingly unpredictable weather and increasing frequency of extreme events (particularly drought, excessive rains and flooding), farmers in Southern Philippines have been losing income and assets. This project aimed to reduce poverty by strengthening the resilience of vulnerable farming communities to climate risks in the North of Mindanao, including measures to promote greater productivity, sustainability and increased certainty.