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NAP-GCF in Ecuador

Saving Bhutan's last shepherds and their flock

Pema Seldon from Bhim village in Bumthang district and her family is one of Bhutan’s last remaining families that continue to rear sheep. Increasing wild dog attacks has rendered sheep rearing a thing of the past. “In the past, every family reared sheep. It was a main livelihood source. Not anymore,” Pema said. See what Bhutan is doing to keep sheep farming alive in Bhim community.

Tigers of the Dragon Kingdom -Teaser

Bhutan has recorded a marked increase in its tiger population. The latest National Tiger Survey found 131 tigers, an increase of 28 from the last count held in 2015.

Behind this roaring success is a government that continues to make unparalleled conservation efforts.

Tigers of the Dragon Kingdom

Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world with a thriving tiger population. This is a story of how the country is doing all it can to save the tigers while at the same time protecting livelihoods of farming population reeling under increasing human-tiger conflict. A story of conflict to co-existence through concerted conservation efforts.

Drones revolutionize forest monitoring

Monitoring forests is anything but easy. Foresters often have to undertake arduous treks through deep forests and tough terrains. But drones are changing how foresters patrol forests.