Other Recent Videos

Kiribati develops new tourism product | 2020

Reina village on Abemama island has been working closely with the Tourism Authority of Kiribati to develop a community-based eco-cultural tourism program in support of income and food security in the face of climate change.

Rabakau ni I Kiribati | 2021

In Kiribati, - where erosion, salinity and higher temperatures driven by climate change are impacting local food crops - traditional knowledge and culture are vitally important to food security. In this video, Maiana island residents demonstrate how preserved coconut, fig fruit, dried breadfruit and palm syrup can help sustain communities through the seasons and bad weather.

Mangrove revitalization in Viet Nam

The five-year project Improving resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change in Viet Nam (2017-2022) will increase the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change, scaling-up interventions that have already been tested.

UNDP GCF Baseline LAUNCH - Timor-Leste

GCF-SRC baseline video - showcasing the current issues and project solutions, to help raise awareness about the challenges due to climate change and the changes in terms of mainstreaming climate change into infrastructure planning and development at the local level.

AAI launches 2-year project to address urgent adaptation financing gaps

The EU-funded project will be implemented by UNDP to enhance knowledge and evidence to scale-up climate change adaptation action in Africa through the Africa Adaptation Initiative.