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#Costa Rica: Facing the flames to protect forest

Forest fires will be increasingly more frequent and taking care of forests will be key to conserving water. Learn about the efforts of one brave forest agent from the Guanacaste Conservation Area who faces the flames to take care of nature and life.

#Costa Rica: Community, water and development

We love demonstrating the power of communities in tackling #ClimateChange

#Costa Rica: Protect the environment and prevent natural disasters

In Costa Rica, more than 10,500 volunteers work tirelessly to bring drinking water to their communities. Through their time and dedication they are examples of how we can all protect and conserve water sources for a better tomorrow.

#Costa Rica: Water that gives life to equality

In San Vicente de Nicoya, a group of organized women bring drinking water where it was not accessible before. Kilometers that will now be walked without weight on their heads and water that they can drink with confidence. María is one of the people that was supplied by artisanal wells. Today she says that everything is different, that she now feels “happy”.

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone of Vanuatu: Torres Islands (2016)