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Mangroves and Coastal Ecosystems

The project 'Building Shoreline Resilience of Timor-Leste to Protect Local Communities and their Livelihoods' aims to protect local communities and their livelihoods and to strengthen resilience of coastal communities by the introduction of nature-based approaches to coastal prote

Strengthening Timor’s Resilience to Climate Change

The Dili-Ainaro Road Development Corridor (DARDC) Project - full title 'Strengthening Community Resilience to Climate Induced Natural Disasters in the Dili to Ainaro Road Development Corridor, Timor Leste' - aims to strengthen the resilience of communities living in the Dili-Ainaro Road Development Corridor to climate-induced disaster such as floods, erosion, fire, destructive winds and landslides, by reducing the risk of damage to road infrastructure and communities.

Enhancing climate resilience of India’s coastal communities with support from the Green Climate Fund

Climate smart agriculture

Krishantha and his mother live along the Mahameda Wewa Resevoir in Nawagattegama, Sri Lanka.

Due to prolonged drought in the area, lack of water has been a major hindrance for farming.

“We received a lot of assistance to overcome the challenges we faced to develop our land. Our main problem was water supply because we don’t get a lot of rainfall here.

Due to dry weather, we have not been able to reap any benefits from our harvest. We were given a solution to manage our water supply and we were given instructions on effective cultivation processes.

Access to clean water