Locally led adaption to climate change: the start of a 10-year learning journey

In early 2021, a fast-growing group of experts will meet in Gobeshona to define a 10-year learning agenda to advance principles for critical locally led adaption to climate change. Saleemul Huq and Clare Shakya explain the importance of this group and the journey ahead.
Collectively, the world has failed to respond to the triple crises of poverty, climate and nature at the scale and speed so desperately needed by the poorest communities. Going further and faster on climate action demands a whole-of-society response and requires more, and better quality, support.
This support must reach beyond national levels; it must also extend to local institutions so that they can develop the agility needed to respond to the impacts of a changing climate, biodiversity losses and entrenched poverty.
Wednesday 13 January 2021