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Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Nuon Vuthy

Mr. Nuon Vuthy has been village chief of Tuol Dambang for almost 20 years. While being chief has its challenges, he is excited about being involved in the development of early warning systems in the area.

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Ms. Hok Laykeang

Women Champion Ms. Hok Laykeang is using her voice to make a difference in the community by advocating for women’s rights and supporting installation of solar water pumps.

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Keat Veasna

With a flair for community engagement and environmental creativity, Kampong Pou commune School Director Mr. Keat Veasna is using his position to change both the next generation and the community around him.

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Nyda Chhinh

The future of Cambodia’s research lies in people like Mr. Nyda Chhinh. Following his undergraduate mining engineering degree at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, he began a position in the Ministry of Environment. This then led to more study; Mr. Chhinh spent over 6 years in Australia completing both his masters and PhD in Adelaide as well as a course on environmental governance before returning to Cambodia to pass on his knowledge. In 2007, Mr. Chhinh took up a position as a lecturer at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, teaching a range of subjects including environmental ethics, statistics, research design and geographical information systems (GIS).

Mr. Chhinh recently worked with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the UNDP-supported ‘Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Cambodia’ project to develop a drought monitoring report for the country of Cambodia. This report looks at historical perspectives of drought within the country, as well as proposing new contextualized sets of indicators and future ways forward.

Cambodian Climate Profile: Mr. Tong Seng

As a flood forecaster, Mr. Tong Seng plays an integral role in early warning systems. Seeing the general population of Cambodia begin to understand the importance of meteorology and hydrology is a highlight of his career. “The information we provide is for everyone, even the people in the city...More people have been reached now – we distribute information on Facebook, a lot more people have phones so now they can receive information that way too. This makes me very happy... People can use the information to manage their property and their lives, so that they are protected from disasters. It is preventative approach, because disasters always happen.”

Cambodian Climate Profile: Mr. Hun Sothy

The Deputy Director of the Department of Hydrology and River Works, Mr. Hun Sothy, describes the hydrology field as ‘a doctor of water’ saying, “We only think of doctors as people who take care of patients in a hospital. But hydrology can also be healed and treated.” With 39 river basins, Cambodia is a country extremely rich in water resources. Therefore, good management of these resources is crucial to people’s livelihoods and hydrology is an integral part of the country’s development.

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Tek Samoeun

Most farmers know that there are two seasons in Cambodia - dry and rainy seasons - but more information is needed to help them plan for the planting and harvesting of their crops. “We have found that the understanding of weather forecasting information and knowledge of climate change plays a vital role in agricultural-based activities”, Mr. Samoeun says.

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Vuthy Mut

From Kampong Speu, Mr. Mut has been a part of DanChurchAid’s Drought Resistant Agricultural Techniques (DRAT) training, conducted in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Mr. Mut has also played a key role in establishing Drought InfoHubs, also developed under the partnership. “The Infohubs are important because, at the provincial level, they share information about the temperature and drought to farmers. If farmers know drought information, they can adapt vegetable-growing and chicken-raising practices.” 

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Trim & Ms. Ry

Mr. Trim and Ms. Ry have been members of Meanchey Ampil Pramdoeum Agricultural Cooperative in their home district of Borvel, Battambang for two and three years respectively. Both Mr. Trim and Ms. Ry participated in a recent Drought Resistant Agricultural Techniques ‘Training-of-Trainers’, conducted in Battambang as a partnership between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and DanChurchAid. Following the training, Mr. Trim and Ms. Ry were enthusiastic to go home and pass on their new knowledge from the three-day session. Ms.

Cambodian Climate Hero Profile: Mr. Sarom Yim

Mr. Yim is a trainer in DanChurchAid’s Drought Resistant Agricultural Techniques (DRAT) training, conducted in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Originally from a farming background in Kandal and now based in Phnom Penh, Mr. Yim has worked around the region and specialises in vegetable growing and use of rice husk charcoal kilns.