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Kenya Project Information Questionnaire

Title: Reducing Disaster Risks from Wildland Fire Hazards Associated with Climate Change in South Africa

Project Objective:  To develop and implement integrated disaster risk management strategies to address climate change-induced fire hazards and risks

Ecuador Request for CEO Endorsement (April 2007)

Project Title: Adaptation to Climate Change through Effective Water Governance in Ecuador

Ecuador Executive Summary (April 2007)

Request for: Council Work Program Inclusion Under the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

Zambia Project Preparation Grant (July 2008)

The document covers the following in detail:

Zambia LDCF CEO Endorsement (August 2009)

Project Title: Adaptation to the Effects of Drought and Climate Change in Agro-ecological Regions I and II

UNDP Zambia Sustainable Management PDF

FNDP Sector Priority: Environment is considered by GRZ to be a crosscutting national priority. This is appropriate given the evidence relationship between environmental sustainability and the overall obejectives of the Plan.

Mali Request for Project Preparation Grant (September 2008)

Purpose of Project: This LDCF project will promote key elements of a programmatic approach to build the capacity to address the additional threats posed by climate change and variability on food production and food security in Mali. 

Midterm Evaluation - Lake Balaton - Hungary - 2008

UNDP midterm evaluation of the Lake Balaton Integrated Vulnerability Assessment, Early Warning, and Adaption project.

Lake Balaton Midterm Evaluation - Hungary - 2008

UNDP management response for the Lake Balaton Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Early Warning and Adaptation Strategies Project.