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Choix des technologies agricoles Pour l’adaptation aux Changements climatiques dans Les communes d’intervention du Pana1

Choice of agricultural technologies For adaptation to Climate change The common intervention Pana1

Appui à la gestion durable des espaces cultivés dans les communes bénéficiaires du projet

Management support sustainable spaces grown in beneficiary communes project

Using local knowledge to understand climate variability in the Cook Islands, January 2015

Prepared by: Teina Rongo and Celine Dyer, Climate Change Cook Islands, Office of the Prime Minister

Crop Choice - Jinxia Wang

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Forecasting - Namrata Kala

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Presentation of Country Team - Maldives

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Economic Analysis of Adaptation - Benoit Laplante

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Evaluating Water Systems - Brian Hurd

Evaluating Water Systems 

Overview of the process for hydro-economic modeling of water systems highlighting water demand and supply data, water-use characteristics, and economic outcomes.  

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