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'Launch of Maiana’s Island Strategic Plan and by-laws formulation' April 2021

A team from the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have conducted a second conference early this month with the Maiana Island Council on Biken Ngako islet, with the Island Strategic Plan officially launched and signed.

'Local skills to upkeep income generation and food security on Nonouti island' April 2021

A team of five from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives have returned from a trip to Nonouti Island to support local handicrafts for national, regional, and international tourist attraction.

'Maintaining our cultural heritage to support our food security' April 2021

A team of officials from the Culture and Museum Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have returned from a trip to Abemama island to initiate a cultural trade fair and to continue the plantation of native food crops throughout the island.

'Nourishing marine resources on Maiana and Nonouti islands'

Teams from Kiribati's Fisheries Department have visited Maiana and Nonouti islands for conducting monitoring of ark shells, giant clam wild brood stock aggregation, the restock of seaweed farming, and creel surveillance. 

'Support for Abemama island’s marine resources’ sustainability' January 2021

A team from the Fisheries Department have completed a two-week visit to Abemama island aimed at securing the Island Council’s full support to establish a mini hatchery for giant clams, conducting practical workshops on sandfish farming, and monitoring seaweed coordinated by an earlier team.  The establishment for a mini hatchery on the island is a necessity for the islan's mass production of giant clams, which also addresses stock enhancement programs.

'Food security fisheries workshop with Abemama island schools' March 2021

March 2021 - The Coastal Fisheries Division, in collaboration with CDRC –MoE, have conducted a full-day 'Training of Trainers' workshop on the use of fisheries resource kits for teachers on Abemama island. 

'Eco-tourism on Abemama island to support economic returns and food security for local communities' March 2021

March 2021 - A team of officials from the Tourism Authority of Kiribati (TAK) have spent two weeks on Abemama island leading on eco-tourism activities and giving support and outreach to potential and/or established eco-tourism businesses on the island. Their tasks included preparation of their stakeholder villages for the Cultural Trade Show, initiating consultations on eco-tourism promotion, and conducting various relative surveys on the island.

'Agriculture and livestock enhancement on Maiana and Nonouti islands'

Two teams from the Agriculture Department have returned from Maiana and Nonouti islands after spending two weeks for food security enhancement activities, including the distribution of seedlings, chickens and pigs and training in farming techniques.

'A healthy marine eco-system for Abemama’s food security' April 2021

April 2021 – A team from the Coastal Fisheries Division, Tanaea has returned from Abemama island having successfully carried out coral planting and seagrass restoration. The main goal of these activities is to help restore the health of these two marine habitats (coral and seagrass) in order to support the ecosystem for coastal marine species and to build the island's resilience to climate change.

Commemoration of the World Food Day on Nonouti island, 2020

November 25 2020: A team of five officials have returned from a two-week trip to Nonouti island commemorating World Food Day.

The team conducted consultations at the village level for a week before a week of fun competitions in honour of the international day, emphasising the significance of food security in Kiribati.