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'Enforcement training on Nonouti ‘Tania ni Maiu’ bylaw' November 2022

A team of three government officers - from the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Attorney General’s office - travelled to Nonouti Island to conduct an enforcement training on the recent approved Nonouti ‘Tania ni Maiu’ bylaw, an important tool for the island council that will enhance and support safeguarding of Nonouti food security through setting of obligations for people on  protecting and conserving of their marine resources, land resources and others.   

'Maiana Island celebrates World Food Day and hosts LDCF1 project closure workshop' November 2022

17 November 2022 – A team comprised of staff from the departments of Agriculture and Livestock (ALD) and Environment and Conservation (ECD) from the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Agriculture Development (MELAD), Coastal Fisheries (CFD) from Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD),  Local Government Division from Ministry of Internal Affairs with the company of Office of Attorney General (OAGs), Kiribati Meteorological Services (KMS) from Office of Te Beretetitenti, the Internal Trade and Business along with Tourism (TAK) from the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce,

'Nonouti Island Community-Based Tourism (CBT) development progressing' October 2022

The Tourism Authority of Kiribati (TAK) in collaboration with the Business Promotion Unit of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MTCIC) continued its community-based tourism programme on Nonouti Island from 14 – 31 October 2022.   Through this mission, the team worked with participating communities to develop their community-based tourism business plans. This included consultation with participating communities on business name ideas, package and pricing and other necessary information required for the business plan completion.

'Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives strengthens income generation for food security through LDCF1 project' November 2022

On September 24, a team from the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MTCIC) departed Tarawa for Abemama island. The mission lasted for 21 days with the purpose to undertake training, consultation, and awareness to strengthen business initiatives through increasing trade from local products and value-added products from in-land and marine resources to enhance food security under the impacts of climate change.

'Cooperatives and credit union established at Maiana' October 2022

Two new cooperatives and one new credit union were established at the island of Maiana. One cooperative belongs to a group of women from Maiana (Nei Te Kewe ni Maiana CS). This cooperative is selling handicrafts and Mauriwear. The other cooperative is called Bubutei Fisherman CS, and their services relate to marine products. The new credit union is called Team Work Credit union from Temwangaua village.

'Creel survey on Abemama island' October 2022

From 24 September to 15 October 2022, a team of four officials from the Research and Monitoring Unit of the Coastal Fisheries Division visited Abemama Island to carry out a creel survey on the Island. A creel survey targets fishermen with the aim of collecting information on artisanal coastal fishing activities including fishers’ demographics, fishing behaviour, catch composition, including catch per unit effort, and fishers' perceptions.

'Support to environmental conservation at Nonouti' October 2022

Officers from the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD) and one from the Ministry of Women, Youth, Sports and Social Affairs (MWYSSA) conducted a 15-day mission to Nonouti Island 16 - 31 October 2022  to support the Island Elders (Te Buroo n Nonouti) and the two villages/communities in the development of their integrated environment and natural resource management plan (IENRMP) and constitution, as well as mangrove picking and planting with church youth, recruitment of EEO (Environment Extension Officer).

'On Nonouti, LDCF continues to support environmental sustainability and food security' October 2022

From September 28 to October 5, 2022, officers from the Environment and Conservation Division carried out activities in Kiribati to improve food security, preserve the environment, and lessen the effects of climate change. The activities included building coastal beach brush, planting coastal areas, tagging turtles, delineating seagrass beds, selecting and planting mangroves on Nounouti with the cooperation of communities, and lastly monitoring mangroves planted by communities taking part in the mangrove competition which was initiated in April 2021.  

Climate Aggregation Platform

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is implementing the CAP, in partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative, with initial seed-funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The CAP is a flagship initiative of the Sustainable Energy Hub to support the structuring and deployment of innovative business models and financial mechanisms to accelerate energy access and the clean energy transition.

'Launch of Maiana’s Island Strategic Plan and by-laws formulation' April 2021

A team from the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have conducted a second conference early this month with the Maiana Island Council on Biken Ngako islet, with the Island Strategic Plan officially launched and signed.