Commemoration of the World Food Day on Nonouti island, 2020

November 25 2020: A team of five officials have returned from a two-week trip to Nonouti island commemorating World Food Day.

The team conducted consultations at the village level for a week before a week of fun competitions in honour of the international day, emphasising the significance of food security in Kiribati.

During the village (Maneaba) consultations, the team recalled strategies that have been developed by the Island Council and communities to build their resilience and adapt to climate change.

An elderly man from Autukia, Mr Iuta Tebaukie proudly stated how the project had supported the sustainability of islanders' livelihoods and were grateful and blessed that their island is one of the targeted islands.

The second week consisted of activities including competitions for the best farmer, the most clean school, fishing, pastry and cooking with a fashion show, and the highlight: a traditional food game of “te Katua” which is practiced only at Nonouti.

Mrs.Tirae Tabe, a Fisheries official, noted how the project has enriched the livelihood of locals at communities and schools in managing their marine and land resources. Further, the project has improved the level of understanding of climate change for locals through implementation of their community-based fisheries management plans and observance of their village approved rules and fines.

The team also supported construction of “te buibui” at Rotima village, engaging locals on alternative soft protection measures against coastal erosion.

The trip was supported by the project, Enhancing National Food Security under Global Climate Change, locally known as 'LDCF-1', funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF)-Least Developed Countries Fund through the UN Development Programme and managed by the Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) under the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development.

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