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Liberia: Transport Minister Launches Early Warning System Project

AllAfrica News Article (24 Jan 2014) : Liberia: Transport Minister Launches Early Warning System Project

Transport Minister, Tonorlah Varpilah says, his Ministry considers the US$6.7million dollars Early Warning System Project launched in Liberia under the Least Developed Country Fund very important to sustainable socioeconomic development in the Country.

Agenda for EWS workshop Liberia

The Agenda for EWS workshop Liberia

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News Article, summary of Planning Meeting discussions.

Juniper’s comeback in Nohur

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Mobilizing local communities in response to climate change impact on farming systems

Local communities living in three different agro-ecological regions of Turkmenistan of Karakum (desert), Nohur (mountain) and Sakarchaga (Mary province oasis) have recently got together to learn  new knowledge and experience relating to climate change adaptation measures and discuss increasing climate change impact on water resources available to their agricultural and horticultural activities. A series of workshops focusing on this topic were held in each of the above regions from 21 June to 17 July 2013 with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Namibia wins Momentum for Change Award at COP18 in Doha

Namibia won the Momentum for Change Award, along with eight other developing nations, at the 18th UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) in Doha, Qatar.  Namibia was given the award for implementing the project, "Holistic approaches to community adaptation to climate change", which uses six local interlinked climate change coping strategies.  The strategies are implemented in several local communities in the five northern regions of Namibia.

Solar-powered pumps bring water into rural homes in Cambodia

UNDP Cambodia Press Room
Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Kratie – Clean water is a commodity often hard to come by for Cambodians living in the countryside. For the most part, running water is simply unheard of.

That is beginning to change now for many villagers in Kratie province, about 315 kilometers northeast of the capital Phnom Penh. Pumping systems powered by solar energy channel clean water straight into people’s homes that are not even connected to the main power grid.

Coastal Communities in Bangladesh 'Rising from Barren Lands'

Star Weekend

Special Feature

Volume 11 | Issue 41 | October 19, 2012

Coastal communities are hardest hit when natural disasters such as cyclones and floods visit Bangladesh's shores. An innovative pilot project is in its final six months of working to create alternative livelihoods for landless people and protecting the environment from future natural catastrophes. the Star's SORAYA AUER visited the initiative, which recently won an international award, in the coastal district of Barguna.

Pickersgill Lauds Success of Community-Based Climate Change Project

Jamaica Information Services

3 October 2012

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Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, has lauded the Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) to Climate Change Project in Jamaica for the positive impact it has had on some vulnerable communities.