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Project Progress Report, Third Quarter 2016

Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP)
Strengthening the Resilience of Rural Livelihood Options for Afghan Communities in Panjshir, Balkh, Uruzgan and Herat Provinces to Manage Climate Change-Induced Disaster Risks

International Climate Initiative: Interim Report - ICCAS Grenada

As part of reporting requirements for the International Climate Initiative, the attached Interim Report for the ICCAS Grenada project details progress and changes in the environment.

International Climate Initiative: Current Project Information - ICCAS Grenada

The updating of project information (including the BMUB project signature) is to be sent to the programme office twice a year in the report language agreed between project holder and BMUB. This should facilitate the systematisation and standardisation aspects described under point 3 of “Guidelines on knowledge management in projects of the International Climate Initiative (IKI)