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Detailed Design Report | TCAP | Nanumaga island | March 2021

Under the Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project funded by the Green Climate Fund, Nanumaga island was selected for coastal protection infrastructure due to the severity of the damage incurred following the passage of Tropical Cyclone (TC) Pam in 2015. The funding application proposed that TCAP resources finance locally appropriate coastal protection measures along the high value zone (450m) in Nanumaga.

This detailed design report contains the basis of design, structure parameters and the project implementation framework for the island. In summary, the Nanumaga interventions will consist of:  

  • A 665m of Berm Top Barrier (BTB) constructed on the western coast of Nanumaga. Constructed from buried geotextile mega containers (GMC) approximately 20m long, the BTB will raise the height of the storm berm by around 1500mm. The GMC will be filled and buried under 9,500m3 of sediment sourced from the northern tip of Nanumaga located around 500m from the village centre. The BTB will be planted with local vegetation and a small rubble footpath will be built on the crest of the BTB alignment.
  • A cellular concrete boat ramp will extend the recently constructed boat ramp from Nanumaga boat harbour to the Village centre. The ramp will be placed atop stacked geosynthetic containers (GSC) and will raise the berm in this location.





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