Institutional capacity assessment approach for national adaptation planning in the agriculture sectors

The briefing note highlights the need to apply a country-driven institutional capacity development approach for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) for more impactful and sustainable climate adaptation action. More specifically, this brief provides guidance on how to identify country strengths and needs for NAP, through a participatory institutional capacity needs assessment process to improve cross-sectoral collaboration and coordination mechanisms between ministries and relevant stakeholders. Illustrated with case examples and practical tools that focus on the agriculture sectors, the brief introduces an institutional capacity assessment approach outlined according to key capacities for initiating and operationalizing NAP, in particular to address agricultural sector challenges. The rapid institutional capacity assessment approach is in line with, and complements the Addressing Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in National Adaptation Plans – Supplementary Guidelines (FAO, 2017) aiming to inform, enable and inspire country stakeholders to apply a more effective capacity development approach for integrating the agriculture sectors in NAPs.