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Second Regional Training Workshop (30 Sep - 4 Oct 2013)

Applying Methods for Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation


Frequently Asked Questions: The UNDP Capacity Assessment Methodology (UNDP, 2009)

The questions in this document have been raised by UNDP colleagues and partners during the many capacity assessment exercises and workshops that UNDP has facilitated around the world. The answers are based on UNDP’s experience and research, and reflect UNDP’s capacity assessment methodology.

Capacity Development Group
Bureau for Development Policy
United Nations Development Programme
June 2009

Capacity Development: Practice Note (UNDP, 2008)

Executive Summary

This practice note introduces UNDP staff and other development practitioners to the UNDP approach to supporting capacity development. This approach is rigorous yet flexible, and can be adapted to suit different contexts and needs. It builds on a rich body of papers, case studies, methods and tools that UNDP has developed over the years. It is also underpinned by an analysis of what works and what doesn’t for capacity development, based on examples and evidence from UNDP and a large number of national and international development partners.

Capacity Assessment: Practice Note (UNDP, 2008)

Executive Summary

This practice note introduces the first two components. It discusses the dimensions of the UNDP Capacity Assessment Framework and provides process guidelines for managing an assessment, from mobilizing stakeholders to designing the assessment approach to conducting the assessment, and analyzing and interpreting its results. It also discusses how these results lead to the formulation of a capacity development response. Additional guidance on the process and supporting tools can be found in the UNDP Capacity Assessment Methodology User’s Guide.