Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Communities in PNG - A Success Story

Papua New Guinea is susceptible to a host of natural disasters whose impact is projected to intensify with the onset of climate change. Worsening tropical storms, cyclones, drought, and even hailstorms in the highlands have already imposed setbacks to the country, its economy, environment, and basic human development needs. In the North Coast and the Islands regions of Papua New Guinea, home to a total of nearly 2.6 million people, flooding–both coastal and inland–is the most important climate-change related hazard, threatening coastal communities, key economic centers, and provincial capitals.

In response to the challenges, since 2012, the Government of PNG - through the Climate Change and Development Authority, and in partnership with other government agencies, Provisional Governments and civil society organisations - has been implementing a project on Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Communities to Climate Change-related Floods in the North Coast and Islands Region of PNG. The project has been delivered with the financial support of the Adaptation Fund, the UK Department for International Development and UNDP. With the project coming to a close in December 2017, this short video shares some of they key successes of the project.