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Scaling up Climate Ambition on Land Use and Agriculture (SCALA)

SCALA Private Sector Engagement Facility


The  SCALA Private Sector Engagement Facility  was launched at the COP26 by the programme to foster stronger partnerships and dialogue between public and private sector actors through demand-led approaches based on countries’ national agriculture and land use sector priorities. It seeks to identify private sector-oriented interventions to engage businesses in implementing climate plans to mobilize resources and develop innovative climate services solutions.

The Facility is available to support 12 non-SCALA countries and will draw on tools, emerging lessons, and partnerships development under the programme.

There is a major financing gap for the agriculture, forestry, and land use sectors. The private sector can play a more substantial role given the emerging investment opportunities in this space. In addition to helping bridge the financing gap, the private sector is an important source of technical knowledge, human capital, and innovation. By working with the private sector, public sector climate change interventions can target changes at multiple entry points in the agri-food system and scale-up their impact.

In 2022, SCALA opened a call for applicants through UNFCCC Focal Points of countries, focusing on Least Developed Countries, and received expression of interest from 9 countries (90 percent in Africa and 10 percent in Asia and the Pacific). To date, 5 Letters of Agreement (LoA) have been signed with Sao Tome and Príncipe, Solomon Islands, Somalia, The Gambia and Niger.  In 2023, the SCALA programme will have another call of interest focusing on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and middle-income countries. More information on the portfolio of services available for countries below. 

2023 Call of InterestThe call for interest to receive support from the SCALA PSE Facility for the year 2023 is NOW OPEN to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and middle-income countries. Applications can be made by governments through the Ministry of Environment/UNFCCC Focal Points in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant public institutions involved in climate change mitigation.

The process will commence with a call for Expression of Interest (EoI) from the SCALA team to UNFCCC focal points, requesting EoIs to access the support of the Facility. UNFCCC Focal Points are kindly requested to submit their EoIs in English to the SCALA PSE Facility focal points. The deadline for submitting the completed EoI form is 8 September 2023.

For further details regarding eligibility and selection criteria, timeline, and expected impacts, please refer to the SCALA PSE facility brief (available at this link).

More information on the portfolio of services available for countries is in the figure below.


Countries can request support depending on their needs from a broad menu of options. SCALA will deploy a pool of national and international vetted experts who will provide targeted and timely assistance, in the form of technical trainings, studies, workshops, dialogues and roundtables, market and value chain analyses and delivery support on topics related to land use and agriculture. SCALA will draw from regional networks, coalitions, and research centers to provide country-specific tailored support.

Facility supported countries


Relevant links:

For additional details on eligibility and selection criteria, timeline, and expected impacts, kindly refer to the SCALA Private Sector Facility brief.

SCALA Private Sector Engagement Facility Brief

SCALA Private Sector Engagement in climate plans

SCALA Private Sector Engagement Strategy


For interested countries, please contact SCALA PSE Facility Focal Points:

Farrah Adam, Private Sector Engagement Officer, UNDP |

Neha Rai, Climate Change and Private Sector Specialist, FAO |