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Non-Timber Forest Products and their Role in Ecosystem and Community Resilience

The Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) project is geared towards combating the impacts of climate change. Operating in 17 Village Districts Committees of Kaski, Parbat and Syangja District that include 9 core VDCs of the Panchase Protection Forest (PPF) and 8 adjoining VDCs, the EbA programme selected the area due to its vulnerability to climate change impacts. The major climate change hazards as landslides and soil erosion are predicted in the Panchase region with erratic rainfall pattern as resulted by changing climatic condition.

Grey Green Structures as a Treatment to Climate Induced Disasters

Nepal as a mountainous country is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change and specially, erratic rainfall patterns are observed in Nepal. Such scenario rainfall patterns along with degraded ecosystems will result in climate changed induced disasters i.e. flash floods, landslides, slope failures and erosion. Such disaster can result destruction of rural infrastructures i.e. roads, loss of property and even human lives. The EbA Project has prioritized grey green or bio-engineer structures i.e.