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Adapting Locally to Secure Sustainable Futures: Selected Case Studies from the UNDP GEF Community-Based Adaptation Project

This report illustrates examples of community transformations that can take place as a result of community efforts to sustainably adapt to climate change impacts. It also highlights the socio-economic and community mobilization benefits that can be achieved through community-based adaptation. These positive results are demonstrated through the adaptation measures implemented by the CBA pilot projects, which were aided by increased awareness, knowledge and capacities in 7 of the 10 participating countries of the SPA CBA project.

UNDP-ALM Rwanda Study - December 2012

ABSTRACT: In 2007 heavy flooding and subsequent landslides in Western Rwanda took the lives of dozens of people in the Nyabihu District. The extreme weather caused extensive damage to houses and property, displacing thousands. For rural Rwandans, with the vast majority of the population engaged in agriculture, irregularity and unpredictability of rainfall has serious consequences (especially in the Western and Eastern provinces).

UNDP-ALM Eritrea Case Study (November 2012)

ABSTRACT: Low agricultural productivity and land degradation have become major features of the Anseba region. Over the last three decades, the region has experienced several droughts as well as erratically distributed rains. Other problems include cultivation of marginal land without fallowing, over-grazing, and inappropriate land management, lack of investment in land improvement, inadequate animal feed, depletion of underground water and the natural limitations of the rugged topography.

Building Wildfire Management Capacities to Enhance Adaptation of the Vulnerable Mountain Forests of Armenia - Lessons from Recent Experience

This publication captures lessons learned from the UNDP-supported initiative, “Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Mountain Forest Ecosystems of Armenia”, which is financed by the Global Environment Facility Trust Fund’s Strategic Priority for Adaptation (SPA).  Against the backdrop of increasing risk of climate change induced impacts in the unique mountain forest ecosystems of Armenia and especially the intensifying forest fire problem under the aridifying climate conditions, this publication presents the approaches chosen by the project to build the capacities of relevant stakeholders

PowerPoint presentation on Technology Transfer for Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies in Ethiopia, Colombia and Peru of Projects Supported by the GEF - 2012

This PowerPoint presentation by Laura Kuhl of the Fletcher School at Tufts University examines the challenges, progress, and project design of three ongoing projects funded by the GEF and supported international organizations including the UNDP.

CBA Namibia - CES - Conservation Agriculture Case Study

Harnessing multiple coping strategies for a holistic approach towards community adaptation to climate change: the use of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Namibia

February 2011

CBA Kazakhstan - Kogal - Success Story

CBA Kazakhstan: Increased fodder production leads to improved cattle breeding

July 2011

CBA Kazakhstan - Akbota - Success Story

CBA Kazakhstan: Improved water management systems increase crop production in the North

July 2011