Planning Meeting Presentations

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CIRDA PPP Workshop- Mwamba Musambo

Banking Perspective to Weather Services

Mwamba Musambo, Head of Agriculture Banking, Stanbic Bank

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Nick Grenfell

Business Perspectives with Aviation and Transport: BPS

Nick Grenfell, Managing Directors Business Performance Solutions

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Katharine Thoday

Insurance and Banking Engagement with Weather and Cimate Information

Katharine Thoday,  Climate Wise

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Moise Betole Ada

Business Perspectives with Aviation and Transport: ASECNA
Moise Betole Ada

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Zach Dunn

TAHMO's Sister School Program

Zach Dunn, East Africa Field Director, TAHMO

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Patrick Kibaya

Innovative Experiences: Uganda Charter Health Net

Patrick Kibaya, Project Officer, Uganda Charter Health Net

CIRDA PPP Workshop- David McAfee

Innovative Experiences 3-2-1 Service

David McAfee, Human Network International

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Moumani Sawadogo

Partnering with Mobile Telephone Companies: Telcel Faso

Moumani Sawadogo, Telecel Faso

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Patrick Mwesiga

Partnering with Mobile Telephone Companies: Regulatory Point of View

Patrick Mwesigwa, Uganda Communications Commission

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Anthony Mills

Catalyzing Private Sector Investment into Weather Information

Anthony Mills, C4 Eco Solutions