Planning Meeting Presentations

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CIRDA PPP Workshop- Ari Davidov

Using PPPs to Accelerate NMHS Commercialization Efforts

Ari Davidov, Earth Networks

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Presentation Sebastian Glink 2

Setting up Affordable Weather Information Systems through PPPs

Sebastian Glink, Meteogroup

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Presentation Michael Nkalubo

Commercialization of Weather and Climate Services: The experience of Uganda's National Meteorological Authority (UNMA)

Michael Nkalubo, Acting Executive Director UNMA

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Menno Bom

Commercialization the Dutch Example

Menno Bom, Director Info Plaza

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Presentation Ziyanda Majokweni

Commercializing Weather and Climate Services: South African Experience

Ziyanda Majokweni, South African Weather Services

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Presentation Alan Miller

PPPs to Modernize Met Services

Alan Miller, Expert on Pivate Sector Engagement and Climate Adaptation

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Sebastian Glink1

The Weather Philippines Foundation

Sebastian Glink

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Presentation Jeremy Usher

Looking Back: Innovative Technologies

Jeremy Usher, CIRDA CTA on Alternative Technologies

CIRDA PPP Workshop- Presentation Bonizella Biagini

Introduction and Brief Overview of the CIRDA Programme

Dr. Bonizella Biagini, CIRDA Programme Manager

CIRDA Workshop: Creating Value Added Weather and Climate Services through PPPs Logistic Note

Logistic Note for participants attending the CIRDA Workshop "Creating Value Added Weather and Climate Services through Innovative Public Private Partnerships"