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A Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability

A Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability, jointly prepared by UNDP’s Water and Ocean Governance Programme, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and International Maritime Organization (IMO), contextualizes and sets forth a series of ten tangible proposals to shift the oceans management paradigm towards sustainability, and is intended to inform and influence possible Rio+20 outcomes on oceans.

Guidelines: Ensuring Impacts from SLM – Development of a Global Indicator System

The guidelines, by the GEF-funded project ‘Ensuring Impacts from SLM - Development of a Global Indicator System’, presents a set of four global impact indicators and their methodologies which, when taken together, can be used to determine the trends in combating land degradation and desertification through sustainable land management practices that improve the productivity of agro-ecosystems.

A Draft Framework for Sharing Approaches for Better Multi-Stakeholder Participation Practices

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Many countries are beginning to engage stakeholders in domestic REDD+ decision-making processes, often with support from bilateral, multilateral and non-governmental initiatives. As part of the 2010 work plan for the Interim REDD+ Partnership, the Partners identified the need to initiate a process to share lessons on stakeholder participation practices and prepare an enhanced communication platform.

Financial Sustainability Scorecard for National Systems of Protected Areas

The purpose of this scorecard is to assist governments, donors and NGOs to investigate and record significant aspects of aProtected Area ( PA) financing system –its accounts and its underlying structural foundations – to show both its current health and status and to indicate if the system is holistically moving over the long-term towards an improved financial situation. The
scorecard is designed for national systems of PAs but could be used by sub-national eg state, regional or municipal or networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Promoting Energy efficiency in buildings: Lessons Learned from International Experience

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The purpose of this report is to help policymakers and their advisors wishing to initiate or develop policies promoting energy efficiency in buildings to assess the most efficient mix of policy measures for a given environment as well as to design new initiatives.

Integrating Sound Management of Chemicals into MDG-Based Development Planning

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The UNDP Guide provides a systematic approach to countries to help assess their capacity for sound management of chemicals, identify needs, and ultimately "mainstream" or incorporate identified priorities into national MDG-based development policies and plans.

Managing Private Investment in Natural Resources

This primer seeks to provide practical advice on how host countries can manage foreign direct investment inflows to promote national development aspirations (such as poverty reduction, environmental sustainabilityand achievement of the MDGs)