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Economics of Climate Change Adaptation Training, Pathum Thani, Thailand - Agenda

Taking place at the Asian Institute of Technology, Pathum Thani, Thailand, 21 August – 1 September 2017, the ten-day ECCA training programme covers a range of topics starting from the economic impacts of climate change, to sector economic analyses, to conducting cost benefit analyses for climate change adaptation proposals. 

Poster: Floating Garden

This poster describes how to build a Floating Garden in 5 easy steps. It also details the usefulness of establishing a floating garden. 

Poster: Kitchen Garden (Organic Garden)

This poster describes how to build a Kitchen Garden (Organic Garden) in 5 easy steps. It also details the usefulness of establishing a kitchen garden. 

Yam: Mini-setting and planting process

Working to improve food security and climate change adaptation techniques, this brochure has been created to show enhanced strategies for planting yams.

Guidelines for Climate Proofing Investment in Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food Security

This publication aims to present a step-by-step methodological approach to assist project teams assess and incorporate climate change adaptation measures into investment projects in agriculture, rural development, and food security.

Evaluation Report: Climate Change Negotiation Skills: Training for LDC Negotiators

Evaluation report of the first training in July 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, held to strengthen the ‘emerging’ negotiators’ understanding of the mechanics of the negotiating process within the UNFCCC, and to help them effectively support their delegation on the main issues. The training focused on specific negotiation skills and ways in which these skills can best be used to further the national objectives as well as those of the wider LDC negotiating group in the context of climate change negotiations.

Report: Seminar for Senior LDC Coordinators and Negotiators on Climate Change

This seminar was designed and delivered by UNITAR as part of a broader UNDP / UN Environment global programme to build the capacity of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to participate effectively, both individually and as a group, in intergovernmental climate change processes. 

Webinar: Mainstreaming Gender in Adaptation Planning for the Agriculture Sectors

This webinar looks at ways in which gender can be mainstreamed in climate change adaptation planning for the agriculture sectors. The first presentation provides the global context for gender mainstreaming, including updates coming out of the recent UNFCCC COP22 meetings in Marrakech. The second presentation focuses on how policy and planning can be better informed by research on the gender dimensions of climate change adaptation.